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The Need for Reliable Cover

No one likes to think about it, but the startling fact is that chronic disease affects more than 11 million Australians, according to data released by the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare1. Half of the population has at least one chronic disease and a quarter of us have two or more.

Cancer is now our biggest killer, followed by cardiovascular disease, mental illnesses, musculoskeletal disease, injuries, respiratory disease and neurological disorders.

These staggering statistics mean it’s more important than ever to have some insurance cover to protect you or your loved ones should you die or contract a disease that impacts your ability to work. The challenge is to find the right type of cover for your circumstances.

There are various premium frequencies available to you. Most insurance polices can be paid monthly or annually, and some policies (such as Life and Total & Permanent Disability cover) can be paid through your Superannuation fund, so the cost of the premium doesn’t need to come out of your regular cash flow.

We take all of this into consideration based on your personal situation. This is how we help you.

1Australia’s Health 2016 Report, Australian Institute of Health and Welfare, September 2016

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