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Life Insurance

life insurance

Deciding whether you need life insurance can be a complicated process, but if you have family who depend on you, the last thing you want is for them to face financial hardship if anything should happen to you. The emotional impact is obviously devastating, and the financial impact can be catastrophic.

Accidents happen, but chronic illness also claims more lives than you may think. According to the World Health Organisation, 68% of global deaths in are due to non-communicable diseases, and of these, 86% are due to just 4 types of illness: cardiovascular diseases, cancers, chronic respiratory diseases and diabetes2.

Life insurance gives you peace of mind, because you know that funds would be available to pay off debt or cover daily living expenses that keep on coming even if you’re no longer around.

With the right policy, life insurance can also provide you with a lump sum payment if you are diagnosed with a terminal illness. As confronting as a terminal illness diagnosis may be, knowing that you’re covered gives you the financial ability to help your loved ones plan for a future without you and also means you have funds available to ensure you have the best possible medical care.

We’re passionate about life and we’re here to help you understand the best choices for your circumstances. Contact Australian Global Life Solutions today to find out more about Life Insurance options. We’ll even show you how you options such as how you can pay for it out of your super fund.


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